• Smell Magical with Exotic Middle Eastern Perfumes

    We all have grown up hearing magical stories of Arabian nights. Middle Eastern Perfumes bring the same mystery and charismatic charm alive as the middle eastern cultures.

    Contrary to popular beliefs, these fragrances are a perfumed combination of several notes. Also, they luxuriate themselves in the sense of a concoction of fascinating history, local customs, and passion.

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    Middle Eastern Perfumes classify themselves in a different group altogether. It sustains plaudits and appreciation from a whole other niche. From mesmerizing ouds to the flavors of woods, flowers, the freshness of fruits- middle eastern fragrances are all about the dazzle, the glare, and an old-world charm.

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    Apart from the pungent aroma and the signature lures, our Best Middle Eastern Fragrances also yield notable aphrodisiac notes, which adds a whole new dimension of seductive glare to the user.

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    Frequently Asked Questions by Our Patrons

    a)  How do Middle Eastern Perfumes smell like?

    Ans: Oud, or agarwood which is a high-priced resin with a rich aroma of tobacco, leather, and a hint of honey is the unique composition of middle eastern fragrances.

    These remarkable perfumes are provided in the form of Bakhoor -scented wood chips doused in fragrance oils. Middle eastern people burn them in their houses.

    b)  What is an oud fragrance?

    Oud is a legend in the world of perfumes for its mild sweetness blended with woody and balsamic fragrance layers to put on the charisma. The art of layering fragrances comes alive in the scent of oud fragrances. We use them in the form of oud oil or resin (Mubakhar). Oud is essentially used as the base notes while layering various middle eastern fragrances one by one.

    c)  What does oud smells like in Middle Eastern Perfumes?

    Being musky animalistic in its ardor, Oud also comes off as a very powerful note for middle eastern fragrances. It really depends on the taste of individuals whether they find it wearable or not. It is one of the most expensive and rarest collections of perfumes around the world.

    d)  How do you wear an oud?

    Dehn al Oud- when it comes to applying them, the best place is actually your pulse points. Like- your wrists, neck, and even the nose. As Oud perfumes are much strong they are ideal for winters and also for special occasions. They also come as quite long-lasting so you can also wear them like common perfumes every day.

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