• Irresistible Men’s Perfume Collection at Perfume Square

    Perfumes are an essential luxury, like men’s wardrobes. The perfect  Men’s Perfume would be something that equally calls for elegance and strength. It also should last more than ordinary fragrances.

    Be it a regular day in the office or a socialite event of classic ceilidh, make your presence marked with unsullied elegance. Get the most exquisite collection of Branded Perfumes for Men online at Perfume Square, and live up to every moment of your day.

    People’s preferences vary from person to person; Men’s Perfume is one of those aspects that is of great value for them. And at Perfume Square, you can buy the best perfume for men online from our wide variety of fragrances.

    Whether you like it strong or balanced, we bring you exactly what you are looking for. So, buy the best fragrances for men from  Perfume Square and experience the newfound fabulousness of your attire.

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    Branded Perfumes for Men: Where to Begin?

    Welcome to the world of Men’s Perfume. Perfume. There is a wide range of best perfumes for men available online, but we often are not aware of the type that suits us best.  And if you have only started with Men’s Perfume, you should know which one, to begin with?

    And it is not that simple, especially because when there are plenty of online choices, one can get quickly get confused and when it goes wrong, and it goes for the entire wardrobe. 

    • Eau de extrait Or Parfum– This is the most concentrated (purest) & the most expensive version of the best fragrances for men containing about 20-40% perfume oil (in alcohol and water). Lasts for an hour or two. It lasts up to 24 hours on applying once.
    • Eau de Cologne– Or otherwise known as Men’s cologne which is more of a masculine scent. It contains 2-4% perfume oil which lasts for about 2 hours.
    • Eau de Toilette-It is a bit lighter spray with 5-15% pure perfume concentration, and it generally lasts for 3 hours.
    • Eau de Parfum– Or otherwise known as the perfume. Although it is often described as unisex, it consists of 15-20% pure perfume concentration and lasts for 5 to 8 hours.

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