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Order Original Damaged Box Perfumes Online

Damaged Box Perfumes at Perfume Square are brand new, original, fresh, and 100% authentic. These damaged box items always contain the same fragrance as the original. They are also one of our bestselling categories online. The perfumes are kept well in utterly pristine condition. The best thing about perfumes with outer box damaged is even the international expensive branded scents become cheaper.

Explore Perfume Square’s page to know more about Damaged Box Perfumes available online in India. There are a lot of reasons for someone to buy unboxed or other box damaged perfumes:

  • Pricing is much lower, and it stands between 40-60%  lower than the original cost. Those perfumes are marked discounted by the brands themselves for making sales.
  • The originality of the fragrances will be kept in the damaged box items too. There is no difference in the quality of scents in the damaged box versions. You will have a similar experience when you would make a purchase for a packaged or boxed item. But you have to buy from an authorised store like Perfume Square; otherwise, chances of getting deceived are higher.

Damaged Box Perfumes India: Authentic Quality, Discounted Pricing!

If you are wondering who will buy perfumes with Outer Box Damaged, then we should tell you this now: they are widely popular among buyers worldwide.

In most cases, the outer box of the fragrance gets accidentally damaged while in transit. It may have creases in the box, or sometimes no cellophane will be there. But let us assure you that damaged box items are well kept by the brands and never used before. 

  • If you are someone who has a fondness for international brands and still could not manage to add them to your collection
  • Or if you are thinking about gifting branded perfume to someone but are stepping back because of the expensive pricing.

Then it is time to buy your very first Damaged Box Perfumes online. They are authentic, they are low in budget, and with Perfume Square’s exclusive pricing and seamless delivery, you will cherish an experience of a lifetime.

Get your favourite luxury branded perfumes at a pocket pinch. With the outer box damaged and our added discounts, you get more perfume bottles at the price of one.

Exclusive Range of  Damaged Box Perfumes at Perfume Square

You know, perfume boxes can get damaged while packaging, handling or even shipping. Sometimes the bottles can get scratches on them too. That is why the brands will offer you an irresistible opportunity to save more on your perfume budget. Damaged Box Perfumes can also be great gifts with attractive packaging from Perfume Square. Prices are all-inclusive, and no GST will be added for outer box damaged items.

You can buy original Damaged Box Perfumes India at Perfume Square without thinking about the price. We are authorized sellers of original and branded perfumes online in India.

Choose Perfume Square to avoid any risk or online frauds for Damaged Box Perfumes. Explore our different categories for men, women, teens, niche fragrances, middle eastern ouds, colognes and more.

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